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Backyards Lawn Care- OFallon Lawn Care/Lawn Care in Shiloh IL
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Backyards Lawn and Landscaping- OFallon Lawn Services/Aeration
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Backyards Lawn and Landscaping- Belleville Lawn Services/Aeration
Backyards Lawn and Landscape has been operating as a full service Lawn Care and Landscaping Company in O'Fallon and Shiloh, Illinois since 2002. Our services include mulching, lawn maintenance, shrub and bush trimming, lawn edging and grass cutting for residential and commercial customers. I am a locally owned and operated lawn care company that truly cares about the quality of your lawn. Our rates are exceptionally affordable and We Offer Weekly and Bi-weekly Mowing Packages. Our Landscaping Design and Installation is another service provided for individuals wanting to spruce up their yard with landscaping in addition to their Lawn Care Program. We serve O Fallon, Belleville, Swansea, Shiloh, and Fairview Heights, Illinois for quality Lawn Service and Landscaping.
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Backyards Lawn and Landscaping
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Backyards Lawn and Landscaping- Lawn Care in OFallon IL
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OFallon Lawn Care- Backyards Lawn and Landscaping
Backyards Lawn and Landscaping
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Have a Professional Lawn Care Service Moniter Your Lawn on a Regular Basis
In summer, We adjust Our mower height to leave grass taller. Taller grass shades soil, which reduces water evaporation, leads to deeper roots and prevents weed seeds from germinating. Ideal mowing height varies with grass type. At Backyards, We time our mowings to ensure we maintain a Healthy Lawn.

Water properly
For the healthiest grass, water your lawn deeply and infrequently. Make sure to Water in the Early Morning hours before the Hottest parts of the day and avoid watering at night as the humidity will draw weeds.

Backyards will Inspect for disease and Lawn and Shrub Insects
Japanese beetles, June bugs (beetles) and European chafers lay eggs in grass in early to midsummer. Eggs hatch into grubs in mid-to late summer. In the Midwest Region it is Important to notice this in the early stages to Avoid Further Damage to your Lawn and or shrubs. Backyards Lawn and Landscaping helps Detect Insects that may be harmful to having a Healthy Lawn and on every Lawn Cut We give a Recommendation to the Homeowner or Business Stating what is happening with their Lawn.

Clean up after Animals
Letting Your Family Pet or any Pets Urinate Consistently in your Yard will cause dead spots in the grass which in the summer easily can turn into a weed haven. To eliminate this, water the Urine down into the Soil to dilute the ammonia going onto your lawn. Hhaving a separate area for your Pet is useful that is not on the Lawn itself.

Avoid parking on the grass or Laying Large objects on a Patch of Grass.
Parking on the grass can lead to a number of problems including uneven spots or ruts in the yard which leads to a Bunch of Problems. Second in the Summer Heat having Large Objects sitting the Yard for long periods of time will cause the grass to die and hard to recover.

Aerate Lawn Yearly.

Having a Professional like Backyards Lawn and Landscaping aerate your Lawn Yearly will enable your Lawn to receive the Nutrients and Air it needs to grow properly and evenly. Backyards recommends aeration yearly to ensure a Healthy Lawn and recover any Dead Spots that may have occurred during the Summer Heat.

Fertlization and Weed Control
Making Sure you have an Experienced Lawn Care and lawn Maintenance Company like Backyards Lawn and Landscaping using the Proper Fertilizer for your Lawn and Weed Control is Very Important. Backyards has a Specific Schedule in which it uses the proper Chemicals on the  lawn at the Proper Times. By doing this yourself you are not getting the expert advice and experience it takes to ensure a Healthy Lawn. In the Long Run, you will Save Money and Headache by having a professional Lawn Care Service like Backyards and landscaping.

Backyards Lawn and Landscaping
Serving Belleville,O'Fallon,Shiloh and Swansea Illinois
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